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Welcome to July at Mamalode! Our theme is DIVE IN and we are thrilled to partner with the best diver-in-ers out there, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls.

We had the opportunity to meet Meredith Walker this spring and adored her, like totally adored her. We are big fans of Amy's too.

Smart Girls and Mamalode share a big belief in being yourself, jumping in and that the most beautiful things are authentic and real. We are excited to have some of the "Smarties" tell their stories and talk to moms. Being a young woman is a wild ride and juggling the relationship with moms is a big part of that journey. 

So cheers to a wonderful ride and a terrific partnership.



July 2015 - Dive In
We are crushing on our partner this month - Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
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Elke Govertsen

Elke Govertsen is the Founder and Editor of Mamalode. She has been featured in Real Simple, Where Women Create, 406 Woman, Ad Tech, and Entrepreneur. She speaks on a variety of topics, from social media to overcoming poverty. She also leads the Learn As You Go lecture series for small businesses and is passionate about economic development in Montana. Her special skills include extreme bootstrapping, overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities. Of the many things she has learned by doing Mamalode is her ability to work with absolute chaos/kids/mess just might be the best.
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