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Coming Home

Coming Home

To Answer a cry from Within.

To Respond with Trust and Compassion.

To Comfort the Baby that was,

who still resides, needs, and feels.

This, is Sacred Work.

This requires Time, and Tenderness,

Honesty, Faith, Intuition, and Courage.

You've already set forth on your Journey

You've everything you need, inside You.

This, is Healing Work.

The Seas of Vulnerability offer many Gifts.

There's Beauty in the Storms.

There's Respite in the Lulls.

There's Clarity in the Roar of the waves.

There's Unlimited Strength in its Vastness.

This is Your Time.

Reflected in the Water, You'll receive

the Most Beautiful Gift of All.

Her face, familiar.

Her eyes, full of Love.

"You are enough." She reminds You. "You are Loved."

She's always been there, waiting patiently.

She has no timetables, no expectations, only Love.

Her arms are Wide Open.

Her Love, knows no conditions.

Her Love, is Timeless, and Limitless.

You're coming Home to Yourself.


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Kristen Gunning

I love writing, as it offers me a way to learn more about myself, and the human experience. Although my experiences are personal, the themes, and emotions I write about are universal. Writing also allows me to creatively express my most challenging emotions, and in doing so, honors them. I live in RI with my husband, Jonathan, and two children, Eli, and Ruby.
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