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FIVE I Covet and TEN Go-tos

FIVE I Covet and TEN Go-tos

I Covet:

1.  GoPro.  Life is beautiful, we can’t help but want to capture our kids growing up!

2.  Frye Boots. How about these pretties?

3.  A car with AC. Thankfully, we’re moving into winter, but it was a hot, sticky summer driving all over the state with the windows down. 

4.  An indoor pool. Swimming is the most relaxing activity I can think of. Summers in the north west leave us with two months of semi-comfortable swimming time.

5.  A double-wide Chariot . The Chariot is the motherload of strollers, with options for running, skiing, and biking (getting out of the house as a mama is key).

My Go-To’s: 

1. Bananas. This cheap, healthy snack is perfect for mashing up when your baby is new to solids or passing whole to the child in the backseat or backpack. Good for morning sickness too.

2.  Fizzy water. With pregnancy, nursing, and trying to be a healthy mama, I can’t have all the caffeine & cocktails I want. This seems to fills the void. If it's your first trimester and your out on the town and you're not ready to share the news yet, try this favorite pregnancy bar order: tonic water + lime. Looks and tastes (almost) like a Vodka tonic.No one will ever know.

3.  Pots by Amy Amazing ceramic-ware by one of my go-to friends. Durable, functional, diswasher/microwave safe, unique. 

4. The ERGO . On the go and comfy for infants to preschoolers!

5.  FaceTime and Skype with family. Technology is amazing! 

6.  My husband. We’re a team. 

7.  “Bebe Day by Day.” The French parenting trend automatically appeals to the Francophile in me, and this author fits 100 savvy tips into a book any busy mom can read.  This book is a perfect gift for any new mom. 

8.  BijaBody—like Mamalode, this startup is going places with lovely anti-aging beauty products and teas. Current favorite is Baby Mama Tea, you can order all their products online!

9.  Yoga. Online classes like Yoga Today, Daily Burn Yoga (with a prenatal series) and Rachel Branthen’s YouTube. A moment with my mat and laptop before my family wakes up is much more realistic than live classes these days. 

10.  Music makes everything better. Here’s a mix of Go-To Jams!

Tell us....what are 5 things YOU covet and your top 10 go-tos? Submit via www.mamalode.com

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Emily Hackethorn

Emily is a mountain mama & choir teacher, spending summers in Glacier National Park with Mr. Wonderful & baby Josephine, with one on the way! She loves to sing, play, collaborate, and write. You can find her blogging regularly at Peace Love Music Grows.
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