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Silence and Hope

Silence hides in the tangled bushes, watching from the creaky swings. He slinks home, melting in the gritty shadows that hang at the edge of the vacant lot.

Hope skips through mud, wading in swampy fields, her eyes up and a grin smeared on her round face. She leaps over decaying logs, her hair rippling behind her like a cape.

Silence plods over the pavement, avoiding desperate weeds and dodging the shards of glass that litter the rough, pebbly ground. He listens to the thumping of his heavy steps ricocheting off of the constricting walls of the alley.

Shaking off her dark brown, army boots, Hope dives through the sparkling waves, following the currents. She stretches on the sun-warmed beach, pale sand sticking to the back of her bare legs.

Staring dolefully at the unmovable bricks that form his path, Silence watches the boxing match between the desire to help and fear of scorn.

Hope tends to plastic flowers springing out of red mulch, steeling herself for the bravery it will take to hold out her hand.

Silence grimaces at the way they hold Difference down with their harsh, honed words, but he trudges on, mouth zipped up, tight.

Hope watches Silence’s hunched shoulders rise and fall with rapid breath, but he doesn’t turn around. She shakes her head, walks towards Different and reaches out with a warm smile.

Silence remembers the gray light on the spongy wood chips that gave out from under his feet as he walked away.


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