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Silence Of The United


On the eve of a new era, or an old one, renewed

I can’t speak

On the brink of hatred and disgust

I am disabled

On the edge of joy and prosperity

I can’t help

Sitting on the fence between the colors of the flag

I’m balanced in the middle

Hanging off the cliff of a country

I can’t fall

One day from tomorrow

We’re still waiting

Sitting on the couch of anticipation

Watching the messenger

On the border of a new land

I can celebrate

Or not

I am silent



Is this the end of an era?

Meanwhile the country is repairing,

The extremities of the globe are appearing,

The rainbow of gay rights is fading.

The power of the colored is revoked

And freedom is blocked by a wall.

I am falling asleep,  pondering life in devastation for the rejection of the people

Only later, while the unthinkable becomes reality, will we realize the importance of our words

Just as the noise overcomes the silence,

A heart turns gold, warmed by the words of our kin

As we wait for the inevitable to pass,

Giving in becomes our plan

Then comes the election of our life, to speak or be spoken to

Will we sit passive or

stand in solidarity

As we chose, we remember:

Nothing will quiet the silence of the united.


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