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My friend Jorgs (her nickname) and I met in college. Although we had the same group of friends we didn’t hang out much until we moved to Seattle together post-graduation. I still have no idea why we moved there, although it turned out to be a good place to start our temping careers. After reaching most of our temping and food service goals, I ended up moving away for law school and Jorgs got a fancy job at a PR firm. She recently left her fancy job in order to stay home with her rad kids and re-group (my words not hers). She writes about that transition and her domestic life here. I’m not sure anyone’s writing makes me laugh more. I love how a shared sense of humor can connect people.

These photos are from a Tuesday morning I spent with Jorgs and her daughters before school.

The papers on the floor are from the cake walk we did. My first.

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Erika Peterman

Erika Peterman is a photographer from Missoula, Montana and feels extremely lucky to be raising her kids there. Also a member of the Montana State Bar, she would rather be paid to sing in one. You can see more of her work at .

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