14 Ways I Would Like to Pay Back My Kid When He Grows Up

Parvathy Pothan Boys

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We love our kids to bits. But everyone has had a fair share of occasions when kids have driven them crazy and insane. And it's usually in one of those moments that you say, “Wait until you grow up!” Yes, there are a few things for which we would like to avenge them for what they did to us when they were babies. And here is how I would like to avenge when my son grows up. In all possibility, I am likely to end up in an old people’s home after this, but it’ll be so worth it.

  1. Rise and shine son. It's 5 am. You used to love to wake up at 5 every weekend when you were a baby. So why not now?
  2. Go to store with him and ask him to get me something expensive and useless. And of course make a scene when he refuse.
  3. Have dinner at his home and spill food all over the place.
  4. Your new home's walls looks so clean.. I mean plain dull and boring. Give me a pen. I think they need my modern art.
  5. Is that your new car? I would like to have some snacks while driving. No tissues please
  6. Knock his bedroom door when he is doing something 'fun' with his partner.
  7. And knock again after some more times just to be sure he is ok while asleep.
  8. Ask him to accompany to the bathroom of the movie theatre, exactly at the climax of a thriller movie. I am old, and I have poor bladder control. You don't want an accident at the movies.
  9. Ask him the same question again for the 50th time.
  10. Rearrange his home to my fancy when he is away at work.
  11. Hide car keys on the days he is running late to work
  12. Oh, you seem tired and exhausted after a tough day at work. You look so sleepy. Hey, want to know what I did today? There are a lot of ants here. I kept blocking their way to see what happens! And nothing came out when I picked my nose… Blah.. Blah.. Blah..
  13. Wait till it’s 11 pm to inform that I am out of my medicine.
  14. When he throws a party for your colleagues, go in dressed as a rooster.


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