A Meaningful Business Model

Standards of Practice

Mamalode is determined to have a business model as meaningful as our products. What does that mean? It means decisions about our business partnerships are given as much thoughtful consideration as the content we create and the conversations and community we build. Sponsors and advertisers are an important part of this community and we do not take that lightly. Therefore, we are establishing the following standards of practice as a guide.

Mamalode’s core values include: trust, integrity, honesty, transparency. We expect the same from our partners.

We look for businesses that share our values and seek to provide the following benefits through their products and/or services:

  • Improve the lives of women and families
  • Do right by their customers
  • Undertake creative approaches to address the impact of their business
  • Demonstrate transparency
  • Embrace ethical standards
  • Give back

Readers: If you have businesses you believe in, please contact us and tell us about them (in the comments, or via email info@mamalode.com)

Businesses: If your company would like to be considered for partnership or alignment packages please contact ads@mamalode.com