Elke: Publisher/CEO
Slightly crazy, but somehow pulling it off, Elke started Mamalode.

Elke has been named one of Origin Magazine's Top 100 Creatives in the US. She has been featured in Real Simple,, and more. She serves on the HATCH advisory board and many local boards focusing on opportunity. She writes for Godaddy's Garage and of course, for Mamalode and is also a sought after speaker.
My Tedx Talk

Dori: Publisher/COO
Dori is like the balm to Elke’s crazy burn. Dori gets it done.  And has a thing for socks and hockey.

Leland: Digital Director/CTO
Leland is game for anything– be it rocking a mustache for Movember, or dressing like Olaf and dishing out warm hugs, Leland keeps all things digital thumping here at Mamalode. And he has some serious devil may care hair. And sweatervests.

Joanna: Art Director
The beautiful prism that turns Mamalode from sunlight into rainbows. Only cooler.

Tori: Managing Editor
Tori started as an intern, then worked as an editorial assistant, and is now our managing editor. Tori Grenz can do it all. If her boyfriend isn't waking up and high fiving himself every day, we're going to kick his butt. 

Hannah-Laura: Social Media
She can do it all– social, design and voice. We love our Hannah-Laura

Jeremy: TLC
Jeremy is our lawyer, Elke’s second-grade nemesis, and our accountability person. And he dances in all of our videos. He pretends to be embarrassed, but he actually loves it. You can see him HERE, and HERE.

Intern Hall of Fame

  • Andra Baldus
  • Clark Hodges
  • Lizzy Duffy
  • Justine Schelrude
  • Katherine Vincent
  • Chelsey Raynard
  • Tera Ditbrenner
  • Allison Bye
  • Alicia Watkinson
  • Tim Blodgett
  • Willa Fogerty
  • Mychaela Nichols
  • Philip Midboe
  • Steven Shuester
  • Kevin Jablonski
  • Jessica Neary
  • Morgan Armstad
  • Suzie Cheim
  • Sydney Day
  • Erin Lorenger