Just Keep Breathing

Stacey Conner Loss

Your baby, that baby that you see right there with the beating heart and the perfect tiny hands and feet, is going to die and no amount of wishing me dead or mute or skipping your appointment or begging for a do-over is going to change that.  Off you go now, the dog needs to be let out.  There are dishes in the sink.  You can’t leave the kids with your friend forever.

His Death Taught Me How To Live

Brooke Schoen Loss

Loss changed me. It broke me. But it built me up in the most beautiful way. Scott's death gave me a new perspective on life. It showed me what's important.

My Monster

Mandy Hitchcock Loss

My monster, you see, is the lingering doubt that if I had made a single decision differently at four in the morning on a Monday almost six years ago, my daughter Hudson might still be alive today.