Mother’s Day Eve®

Holy cow, we invented a holiday.

Mother’s Day Eve® is a party by moms, for moms on the night before Mother’s Day: An opportunity for moms to come together to celebrate each other. This party provided the rocket fuel for what is now “America’s best parenting magazine.”

Mother’s Day Eve® exists because relationships with other moms give us strength. Together we can turn tantrums and tired days into something funny, bearable and doable. We can make the great moments meaningful because they’re shared.

It started in Missoula, Montana with 40 women, and quickly grew. Now moms across the country celebrate this night with events big and small. Private and public events have been hosted and sponsored by brands, community businesses, media companies, individuals and organizations.

We invite you to rally YOUR community of moms (new moms, old moms, stepmoms, aspiring moms, grandmothers; it’s all the same. MOMS). The Saturday night before Mother’s Day, come together. Line up the sitters and ditch the dads, because this party is just for the mamas.

Celebrate the sisterhood of motherhood. It’s easy. It’s meaningful. It’s powerful. It’s fun.

We are in this together. Let’s make it a party.