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Every parent has a story. By sharing our stories we offer each other support, permission to stumble and an opportunity to connect. If your writing style and story is accepting (no judgment), candid and heartfelt, and if your story takes the topic to heart in a unique way, we want to hear from you.

Submissions policy:

-You will need to submit your post via our submissions manager – we don't accept email submissions.

-Our mission is to create connections and the content we choose reflects this goal. No political stories will be accepted. We don’t lean left or right, just on each other.

-Feature essays should be between 400-1500 words.

-We do edit, but please make sure your copy is clean when submitted. We will format it and find images, but if you have a great picture to accompany your piece, please submit that as well.

-Mamalode pays for original feature essays only. Payments are based on unique views, which are tracked and recorded for 30 days after the piece goes live. Your piece is promoted on Mamalode's social media platforms and we expect you to promote your own pieces to drive traffic.

-We publish several categories of work:

  • Feature Essays specific to the month’s theme
  • Feature Essays unrelated to the specific theme (topical pieces, etc.)
  • Short Pieces (essays under 400 words, poetry etc.)
  • Lists & Resources
  • Reviews (of fiction and nonfiction, on-topic, relevant books and articles)
  • From the mouths of babes (pieces by writers 18 years & younger)
  • Quotable Kids
  • Photography

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