Home, Home

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The challenging moments are frustrating for him and overwhelming for us. But between them, in the interstitials of a very full life, lies endless beauty. 

Pessimism, Optimism and Freeing My Truest Self

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Pessimism is easy it turns out. Not easy to endure, but SO MUCH EASIER to maintain than optimism. Pessimism is cloaked in world-weary, leathery toughness, but it's all an act. It's really just fear dressed up. Now, if you know an optimist that person is a badass. BAD. ASS.

The Day the Sprinklers Made Me Hot

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I've been thinking a lot about that day and how I've been so quick to become frustrated with them lately. I don't like it. I'm going to make a conscientious effort to be more patient and kind with them and to remember that they are just little guys

Renovation Time

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My kids don’t teach me; they are me.  They are the reflection of me that I don’t or won’t or can’t see in the moment when they are behaving badly – when they’re the ones taking stuff from other kids. 

Dad + Saturday = Dadderday

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My wife, Kristin, works weekends. It’s a 24 hour shift starting Friday evening and ending Saturday evening. Everything in between is called Dadderday (Dad + Saturday).

We’re Both Still Growing Up

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I apologized for getting so angry with her 8 hours prior and asked her if we can each try to not get so worked up over such things as crayons boxes, pieces of tape, and 30 seconds on either side of any single minute, 7:46 A.M. or otherwise. 

Dad, Am I Pretty?

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You’re pretty when you ask questions. You’re pretty when I answer, and then you ask another question. You’re pretty when you squint in disbelief and say, “Is that real or are you just joking?”