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Our publishers, Elke & Dori, are introducing this month's theme BETTER TOGETHER. A video straight from the Mamalode headquarters. 

Simplify - A Look Back

Team Mamalode mama says

Well Mamaloders, we’ve spent the last month simplifying. We’ve de-cluttered, de-stressed, de-scheduled and now we’re going to decompress and take a look back at some of the highlights from April.


Elke mama says

Our theme for the month is SIMPLIFY, which is funny since my usual state of being is more like MAKE COMPLICATED.

But that is why I love this theme so much. I need it.

Our partners for the month are The Minimalists.

Celebrate -  A Look Back

Elke mama says

An entire month of celebrating—celebrating each other, high-fiving yourself for every day you tuck in, and seeing the amazing in the ordinary. Yes, Mamaloders, we have much to celebrate. Let’s …

The Little Magazine That Could

Elke mama says

Once upon a time I had a baby. None of my close friends had babies. They were all in that phase of life where you are thinking about getting a dog but not sure if that is Just Too Much.

February Theme—XO

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Our kickoff video for our February theme, XO sponsored in partnership with Sexplanations!      ***About the AuthorTeam Mamalode Click here to comment on this article February 2015 – XO …