Pink Gloves Boxing founder Garret Garrels at TEDx Whitefish

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“After teaming up with fellow football player, Nick Milodragovich, in just three short years, Pink Gloves Boxing was recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 100 Innovative Businesses. The success of the business uncovered a problem from his past. Schools were asking him to give presentations to help inspire the youth. Though a stutter is impossible to overcome completely, his lazy lips of yesterday have put a smile on his face, today.

Twice, Garret has finished in the semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking and in 2011, he finished in the top 18 of 35,000. From stutterer to speaker — from getting kicked out of high school English class to writing a book — Garret is too funny to be called a motivational speaker and too inspiring to be called a comedian.”

TEDx Talks, Revealing the champion within: Garrett Garrels at TEDxWhitefish


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December 2015 – Strength
We are poud to have this ally – Pink Gloves Boxing
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