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Coloured Existence

Coloured Existence

My first awareness of you is blue. The line that proved your existence to me.

Then came a mix of black and white, merging into grey at spots. The map to the shape of you. Each growing heartbeat in you, beating in rhythm to my own. Tiny features of you secure and snug in the warmth of me. We grow together as my body expands to make room for you.

The red light flicked and amidst the green overalls you were born in red.

A sharp white pain digging into me as the anesthesia lost hold. And yet, a hazy pink memory, of finally holding you in my arms even through the white pain.

Now, it’s a kaleidoscope of colour as each day brings me closer to the colour of you.


December 2015 - Strength
We are poud to have this ally - Pink Gloves Boxing
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Chaitali Gawade

Chaitali Gawade is a freelance writer living in Pune. Her writerly musings are fuelled by tea and coffee. Her work has been published by Twenty20 Journal, Daily Love, Postcard Shots, Duckbill Anthology and Vagabondage Press, among others. Check out her writerly musings on her website .
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