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It’s Time

It’s Time

By Emmaline Derry

I believe in a world where anyone can be anything.

I believe in a world where anyone can walk down the street without fear of persecution without fear of abuse, without fear just because they don't fit with the label they were born with.

Hey world it’s time to rip off those labels, those expectations, it’s time to walk into every day assuming everyone will be amazing.

It may be naive,

But hey world,

Its time that trust, that love, that community and acceptance isn’t naive,

It’s vital.

Donald Trump,

Where you’re building walls we need to build bridges,

We need to build communities,

We need to reach out our hands and build the hope of the people around the world who are persecuted every day.

If you believe in love stand now.

And if you can’t stand then do everything you can,

And when there are walls in life know that you can,

That you will make it over

If you believe in love, know that you are amazing,

You are amazing to the little girl who cried on inauguration day,

The little girl whose tears made her stronger,

If you believe in hope tell everyone that its ok to fall, and its ok to cry,

As long as you use the tears in your eyes, the blood on your knee,

To pull yourself back up

Tell everyone that it’s time to take hands and unite to fight for things bigger than ourselves, bigger than our groups, our countries, our separations and judgements,

And yes, bigger than our labels

Because people don't just fit into boxes

Tell everyone that it’s time to stand up for this world and everything on it

Hey world its time to let anyone be anything.


April 2017 - GIRLS

We are pleased to partner withONE #girls count to address the fact that 130 million girls are denied education globally. Help us make this count.
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