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Kim Martin is a BAM

Kim Martin is a BAM

Kim is the whole package for Badassmoms for the September issue. I have known Kim for many years; she is my role model and inspiration to become a better person. Kim is 40 and I am 68, so there is a little role reversal going on here. Kim is married to a wonderful man, Chip Martin, who is her best friend and wing man. Kim and Chip have four daughters, Violet,11, Sage, 9, Olive, 6, and Rose, 5 months. Kim wears many hats, as most moms do. In the winter she is a snowboard instructor who boarded up to her due date with Rose last spring because she said it was easier to move about on the board than to walk. Kim has her own photography business, kimmartinphoto.com. There is a great bio on her website. (I'm trying to stay within the 500 word limit for Badassmoms here). At present Kim is working at Smuggler's Notch Ski Resort in Jeffersonville, Vermont. She is clearing trails and pumping mother's milk in Vermont's most beautiful setting. Kim is a tall drink of water with blond hair with purple streaks and has a few tats. In her spare time she is mother earth with gardening and storing food for her family for the winter. She is active with the school and arts community and substitutes as a high school art teacher. Wow, I'm tired just thinking about the energy she brings to the table. I feel very lucky to have been able to watch her grow and spread her wings. She is one Badassmom and would be the first person to tell you so.

Nominated by Nancy Jo Barker


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