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Patti Hall is a BAM

Patti Hall is a BAM

This is going to be short and sweet. Patti is the mother of giants, literally. Her eldest son has an extraordinarily rare disease called Acromegaly, otherwise known as gigantism, otherwise known as "that thing Andre the Giant" had. I'm not a mom so I think every mom is a BAM but the mom's out there who are kicking ass, taking names, AND raising kids with rare diseases are SUPER-BAM. Do you have a super-bam category? Because if you did, Patti should be in it. Since her son's diagnosis, Patti has become "more than mom", she has been advocate, health care professional, friend, mom, homework slayer, bill payer, constant hospital companion (through multiple brain surgeries), and much more. There really is no other words to describe her as a mother (or as a person) than BADASS. Much love to you and all of the work you do in highlighting these amazing, goddess, warrior, women we call moms!

Nominated by Steph Jagger


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