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Taking a 5,000 Mile Road Trip with Two Teenagers

Taking a 5,000 Mile Road Trip with Two Teenagers

July is a time to explore. And whether you’re trying something new, heading out or looking within, we can’t wait to read and share your stories.

This month, my family and I are taking an epic journey—in an RV. We’ll put ourselves and our kids – who aren’t exactly clamoring to spend more time with us – and a limited amount of belongings inside a 25-foot vehicle for the next four weeks. It’s simultaneously insane and awesome.

Summer is in full swing at our house. My kids (a preteen and teen) are “hanging out” with friends (which I have discovered sometimes means having a party), jumping off bridges, river surfing, riding bikes, eating ice cream, hiking and doing a myriad of other things.

In the midst of summer fun, however, they’re also stressing us out. They’re good kids, don’t get me wrong, but they are also stretching their legs and growing like weeds, exploring the limits, taking risks and playing with truth. I definitely feel nostalgic for the days of the sandbox and playhouse, the swing set and popsicles.

For us right now, parenting is walking that fine line between loosening the reins too much and holding them too tight, and questioning the delicate balance between scheduled and unscheduled time. And then it’s dealing with the resistance. Every. Which. Way.

But here’s the kicker: we’re going to shake things up a bit. At least for a little while.

None of us has ever traveled in an RV, much less driven one, but we plan to cover 5,000 miles of the western U.S... We’ll fight, get frustrated and struggle to find space, but we’ll also see and do new and amazing things, and create lasting memories, together.

Truth be told, we’ve always traveled well. Packing up, getting out and leaving our “stuff” at home gives us space to be our best selves, to listen and be listened to, and to appreciate more of the moments that make life special.

Note: Winnebago is loaning us our mobile "home." Follow the trip on WinnebaGoLife.com and on Mamalode’s Instagram @Mamalode #viaMamalode.



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