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The Mamalode Podcast Episode 12 - Ondi Timoner

The Mamalode Podcast Episode 12 - Ondi Timoner

The Mamalode Podcast Episode 12 - Ondi Timoner

I caught up with filmmaker Ondi Timoner as she prepared for this week's premier of the series Jungletown on the cable channel Viceland.

Jungletown in a new ten-part documentary series that explores the creation of a sustainable city called Kalu Yala in the jungles of Panama. It is a story about a vision, a world in peril, and bringing people together to draft a different story. The entrepreneur behind the project, Jimmy Stice, places a central role in the story though the cast of players who come and take part in the building of the city are numerous and diverse.

You can watch the premier of Jungletown starting March 28, 2017 on Viceland, then after on A&E.

Ondi Timoner is the founder of Interloper Films and the only filmmaker to date to win the Sundance Grand Jury Prize (for her films DIG! And We Live in Public). For more on Ondi, check out this Mamalode's interview from Dori Gilels, and visit her site A Total Disruption.

Be sure to watch her Ted Talk entitled When Genius and Insanity Hold Hands is here:

If you're not familiar with Viceland, you can learn more on their website.

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