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What Baseball Can Teach You About Life

What Baseball Can Teach You About Life

Youth baseball. That's pretty much my life from April through November. As the mother of two travel baseball players, I spend most of my evenings and weekends sitting atop hard, uncomfortable aluminum bleachers, enthusiastically (and loudly) cheering on my kids.

Baseball dominates our conversations and our time during this season. But that's okay. I enjoy watching my kids play. I enjoy sharing in their enthusiasm for the sport. I enjoy seeing them grow into new skills.

While sitting through one of their many recent games, it occurred to me that much can be gleaned about life from a simple ballgame. Little gems of wisdom can be found neatly tucked behind the mask of this popular childhood sport.

10 things a child's baseball game can teach you about life:

1. When you get hit by a ball, buck up and take your base. Sometimes it takes a little pain to move you forward.

2. If the opportunity presents itself, don't be afraid to steal home. Some risks are worth taking.

3. Make practice a priority. No matter how good you are today, always challenge yourself to improve.

4. Remember that you are part of a team. Rely on them. Support them. Have fun with them. You are not a one-man-show.

5. Stay hydrated. Enough said.

6. When you're asked to sit the bench, embrace it and cheer on your team from the dugout. Show your selfless support of others.

7. Keep your head in the game. Don't think about yesterday or tomorrow---or what's going on in the stands. Instead, put all your energy into the play at hand.

8. Don't be sore loser. A good attitude and a balanced perspective, regardless of the circumstance, are integral to your success.

9. You will not win every game. And thank God for that. How could you possibly appreciate the victories without the losses?

10. Make friends. Have fun. Laugh often.

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Stephanie M. Young is a communications expert, mother of two and advocate for health and wellness. Through her blog, I'm Still Learning, Stephanie muses about being a mother and wife, staying healthy and calm and finding the positives in life’s ups and downs.
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