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Whispers While Washing Dishes

Whispers While Washing Dishes

My hands plunge deep.

Gurgling foamy water covers me. This is the story of my life.

Emotions wrought and drain away as the water empties from the sink.

Why can’t I hear You above all the noise?

I lose focus.

The world yanks at me. Pulling for every open opportunity.

My time slips away. So fragile. I forget who I am. I forget who You are.

Clanking floats from the other room.

I wipe my eyes. I’m drawn back.

Leaning to peek around the corner I see his sweet face.

This is the story of my life.

Most of us feel like we’ve lost.

Like something is missing.

Gone are the days of serving myself. Days of walking this life for me.

Giggles from the other room. I’m drawn back.

When once I thought I was close to the Creator, running the race for Him,

I now see all things new.

Selfishness slithered through my veins then.

“What about me? What about me?”

Ranking repetitions.

His new life brought new blood.

Blood that came hemorrhaging out when he was born.

Blood that made me new. A mother. This is the story of my life.

Selfishness replaced. I would never go back.

The Creator never left. His blood has made me clean.

Freedom in this new life. New eyes. I see joy like I’ve never seen before.

He’s sitting on my floor, drooling and rolling.

Playing. Content. As am I.

This is the story of my life.


April 2016 - SUPPORT
Categories: Poetry

Gloryanna Boge

"The greatest thing I have ever taught I stole from S.E. Hinton. 'Stay Gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.' " Gloryanna is a middle school teacher turned SAHM in Kansas. Writing is her outlet at Only A Season where she hopes to encourage other mamas with laughter and her faith.
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