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Her golden skin is exotic for these parts.

Her brown eyes are immense diamonds that draw attention in a crowd.

Her layered coffee strands frame her tropical face.

Her smile widens to reveal a white shiny line and intricate lips.

Her long, trim body is a reflection of what the world sees as perfect.

Strangers tell her of her striking beauty, reminding her of her physique.

They emphasize the three words she so often hears.

“You’re so beautiful.”

She grins timidly.

She turns embarrassed to hide her flaming cheeks.

She carries on to continue being the 10-year-old she’s supposed to be.

They turn to me.

“She’s so beautiful.”

“She should be a model.”


I take a calming breath.

Her golden skin is just the coat that covers her profound being.

Her brown eyes are immense diamonds that reflect her beautiful heart.

Her layered coffee strands fly with every cartwheel.

Her smile widens to reveal the innocent happiness bounding from her soul.

Her long, trim body dances, runs, rides, skis and swims.

“If you want to be a model,” I tell her, “be a model of character.”

Model how your honesty empowers all fib.

Model please and thank you singing out with ease.

Model your internal need to do good.

Model your high self-regard, and that you don’t give based on your looks.

Model for others that beauty does not depend on Photoshop.

Model the love of life, love for others and love for self.

Show the world that despite how it portrays women,

True beauty is beyond the naked eye.


About the Author

Lynn Hudorovich

I am a Missoula mom, a Spanish-Immersion teacher and a lover of the outdoors.

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October 2015 – Beauty
Our partner this month is simply – Changing the Face of Beauty
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