Don’t be Afraid, Dear Sister

Lucy Satinoff Loss

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This poem was written for my sister who lives the other side of the world from me in the UK (I’m in Australia). She recently had the heartbreaking news that at 16 weeks gestation her baby’s heart had stopped beating. Whilst she was going through this devastating time I was saddened by the lack of clarity she received from the hospital regarding the actual process, what would happen to her baby after it was born and most importantly how can women who go through such a tragic loss NOT be informed that their milk will still come in? Something that really does add insult to injury after such loss.

What words exist to comfort you for what you have just lost?

Time will heal, this is true, but no one knows the cost.

Don’t be afraid to scream and shout, whilst stamping both your feet.

About the baby who breathes no more, you never got to meet.

I wish so much, I was there with you to hug you oh so tight

I want to whisper in your ear that all will be alright.

The distance we have between us has never felt so far

You’ve always been a rock to me, my friend and shining star.

I know that you are blessed with a great husband and 3 gorgeous boys,

They make you laugh and make you mad, when you stumble on their toys.

But knowing this doesn’t take away, the sadness you may feel.

Don’t be afraid to let it out, sharing is the best way to heal.

I love you more than words can say, I’m feeling for you so much.

Please don’t be afraid to call me often, we need to stay in touch.

The emotions you may feel could be up and down, who knows?

You’re brave and strong and really tough, that will pull you through the lows.

These words I write for you alone, they can’t express enough

How sorry I am to hear your news, and know you’re having it so tough

Please don’t be afraid to moan and swear, a right you surely own

When you have lost some part of you, a spirit that has flown.


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Lucy Satinoff

British mum of 2 brilliantly bonkers toddlers. Wife of footy/soccer mad Mancunian. We swapped Greg’s pasties and rain for sunshine and snags, moving to Australia 4 years ago. Follow along at .

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