Getting In The Flow

Hatton Littman Poetry

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I asked for water

More water in my life

I dreamt of far off oceans rolling tides into my mind

Then I hoped to one day read a river like I could read my own emotions

Wanting and watching those boats who could slip and wriggle through the current

Diving, twisting, averting, rushing in

to join the thing that is bigger than themselves

The water that covers our entire planet

The water that sustains us all

The tides and flows that suck us all toward them and into global sync with

everything in the universe.

Into the Tao

That’s all I wanted after all.

To be in the Tao

To be in the flow of life

Instead of always throwing elbows and knees and hips and mouth around

All herky-jerky and out of sync.

Then I started moving from my center

Answering to the pull of my gut, of my solar plexus.

Feeling myself give way to the tug on my breast-bone as clearly as I once took the hand of my mother, my first love, my many lovers, and friends gone by,

But this time feeling the pull of the entire Universe inviting me to be MYSELF.

And then it all started to happen

After all those years of reading

And watching

And wanting

I rode the river, rapids and all

And I balanced through each channel and challenge

I surfed the ocean, feeling rooted to the earth and flying in air, all at the same time

And I paddled lakes deep and inky blue

I watched their waters roll unending

And then I danced, because that is what I always knew

Hard, uncontrolled spinning, jumping, thrashing

And when all the music and chaos stopped

I lay down

And I felt the water inside me

And I loved my life.


About the Author

Hatton Littman

Hatton Littman is a phenom mom and the Technology and Communications Director for Missoula County Public Schools. In between school board meetings, school bond campaigns, the unveiling of 21st century school initiatives, kid carpools and listening to her husband, Hatton finds time to dance like crazy, practice Yoga, mountain bike and rock climb, paddle board, ski, organize her girlfriends for a surf trip and play scrabble. Hatton is living out and loving the second chapter of her life with her second husband Cameron Johnson and her two boys Weston and Ben. They make the most of the Montana lifestyle together.

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