Strawberry Picking With My Twins

Ophelia Leong Poetry

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under a grey spring sky

we found ourselves surrounded by strawberries

fields of fragrant green dotted scarlet

quilted earth that begged exploration

the baby stayed with Grandpa

and the twins eagerly took my hands

their little toddler fingers pulling me forward

as we walked onto the green field

the leaves of the strawberry plants

rustled in the breeze like squirrels tails

showing tantalizing glimpses

of their red treasures underneath

the twins’ hair fluffed up as we raced along the neat rows

excitement lending a tang to the fruity air

their laughter woke up the strawberries

and their sweetness sang in the spring morning

it wasn’t long until one of them found one

an oozing vermilion orb of juice and pulp

that he quickly popped into his mouth

syrupy liquid flowing out the corners of his grin

his sister then picked one and tickled it with her teeth

her eyes bright with discovery

as she took a questing bite

our strawberry picking session had begun

the twins ate most of the strawberries they picked

and their soft skin smelled sun-ripened and tart

I ached to nibble their sugary juice-stained cheeks

perfectly pink against the overcast sky above

our baskets were as full as our smiles

and our hands were sticky like candied nuts

we laughed over the strawberry seeds nestled in our teeth

signs of gustatory pleasures

the two of them, twins that are alike and yet not

flew around that field like cheerful sparrows

tweeting with pleasure at the bounty of the land

that welcomed us with an outstretched hand

here, the land called, this is but one of the many

wondrous things earth creates

take joy in it, children, and dream  


About the Author

Ophelia Leong

Ophelia Leong is a wife and mom who loves to write and Irish Dance in her spare time. She has been published in Mothers Always Write, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Eunoia Review, Mixtape Methodology, Beyond Science Fiction, and others. She recently won Mothers Always Write's 2015 Holiday Poetry Contest with her poem "Christmas With Little Ones." Follow her on Twitter @OpheliaLeong and check out her .

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