Viktor At 15

Julie Buckley Poetry

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I wasn’t there when he was born

He hadn’t yet entered my mind

Today my son is 15 years old

And the words are hard to find

I don’t know how he looked

Or how he sounded as a baby

I imagine he had a pretty tough time

But he was strong, maybe

Now he has become a young adult

Big, with ideas all his own

Yet I can’t help but wonder

About the tiny seeds that were sown

What did he come from?  What did he face?

A history and mystery that’s his

Today we celebrate his birth

Who he was and who he is


About the Author

Julie Buckley

Julie is a part-time English instructor and a full-time mom of four. She lives on Long Island with her family and cats, and you can follow her . Her essays have been featured on Mamalode and Scary Mommy.

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