We Shouldn’t Forget You, Dad

Lucy Satinoff Poetry

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I'm thinking of you both so much,

it's all so terribly sad

Whilst my sister has surely lost a lot,

We shouldn't forget you dad!

You're all so very special,

the family I always aspired to be

The way you love each other

Is so plain for all to see.

You've lost a certain part of you,

A life you never knew.

Focus on the boys you have,

They’re very precious too.

You've been a special friend to me,

through all the years we've shared

I've always felt such comfort,

Knowing that you cared.

It's important that you know,

just how much I love you too

I know my sister has always been

In the safest hands with you.

You're probably feeling helpless,

Like you don't know what to do.

Just being by her side

Is what's gonna get her through.

You are each other's rocks,

a love so strong and clear

I know you'll help each other

But please remember that I'm here!


May 2016 – Cherish
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About the Author

Lucy Satinoff

British mum of 2 brilliantly bonkers toddlers. Wife of footy/soccer mad Mancunian. We swapped Greg’s pasties and rain for sunshine and snags, moving to Australia 4 years ago. Follow along at .

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