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I am sure I have not told you nearly enough how much I love and appreciate all you have done for me. I never fully understood the sacrifices that you made until the day I held a child of my own. I now see how deep and unconditional a mother’s love truly is. You dedicated every ounce of your being to raising my brother and me and for that I am eternally grateful.

I apologize for giggling as you melted into a puddle right before driving David off to college. I should have been more empathetic. I was a complete wreck just moving Lucas into his own room at two months old. Lord, help me when he actually graduates from high school. I have only been at this a short five years compared to your thirty plus, but I recognize the endless worry and work that goes into having children.

I have stood in the park watching while my child desperately tried to play with older boys. The pain I felt from his rejection was twice as harsh as any I had ever experienced for myself. An aching child’s heart pains a mother on an entirely different level. I can now see all of the hurt that you felt for me growing up: being left out of birthday parties, the horribly awkward teenage years, the boyfriends that didn’t pan out…the miscarriage. I didn’t see you grieve, but I know you were crying along with me.

You held me to a higher standard through adolescence, and I stand taller because of it. You showed me the map and gave me a crayon to draw my own roads. Thank you for always believing in me. You worked hard but always made time for the important things. You showed me how a loving marriage should look in a world full of divorce. You stood with Dad as a team when raising us, as parents should. You taught me the value of money and gave me the opportunity to be humble. Because of this I know that love and family is what makes a heart happy, not money. I will forever be grateful.

You showed me that it is okay to exercise and eat chocolate cake.  Life is about finding balance not about obsessing over perfection.

Our house was spotless, our clothes clean, and supper was always on the table. You worked tirelessly and never complained. I reach for this grace as I stumble through the not so beautiful days of motherhood.

I watched as you continually went out of your way to help others regardless of the circumstances. You are kind and gracious, some would say even to a fault. I took notice, Mom.

Our home was a revolving door to the village as you embraced friends and family as your own. I was always so appreciative of this, but I don’t know if I ever truly thanked you.  I hope that one day my house will be too small to hold all of our loved ones and that everyone feels as welcome in my home as they did in yours. I pray that I can model your actions every day as I raise my own children, in the hopes that they will swell with selflessness, kindness, and love. When Luc and Emily grow to be adults and have babies of their own, I hope they will look back with nothing but smiles of their childhood as I do. I pray that they too accuse me of being too kind and gracious.

Thank you for being the mother that I want to be.


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Diana Kane

Diana Kane is a wife, mom, and frequent companion to coffee and chaos. She is a proud supporter of ice cream cake for breakfast and perpetually struggles with being on time. Diana blogs at , where she writes about the less than perfect version of motherhood and recently published her first book, “Mama Needs A Cupcake.”

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