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Looking for a great gift that both you and your kids will love? Look no further. 

Caro Kids is a collection of bath towels designed specifically with children in mind to make bath time playful yet soothing.

Character hoodies including ”Elephante” the elephant, “Pancho” the puppy, and “Chanchi” the piglet are favorites at both bath time and play time.  The new Dumbo Dot hoodie towels, in calming colors such as fresh pink, blue, or silver sprinkled with white dots, are also beloved by kids. And the ultra plush and absorbent coordinating Dumbo Dot towel and wash mitt sets make quite a splash.

I don't know about you – but bath time at my house is a love/hate sort of chore. My kids LOVE playing in the bath – the soothing water, fun toys and bubbles, who can blame them? – but getting out of the bath is always a battle. These toewls make getting out of the tub as much fun as getting into it, turning one of the final rituals of our day into a happy one. Peace before bedtime? Yes please.

You must check out these fun towels – they would make a great stocking stuffer that you will never regret giving!

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