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The Mamalode Starter Series is an exciting opportunity for us to introduce you to some of the amazing people we get to meet. Starting something takes enormous amounts of work, faith, help and community. Every week we'll share another story of starting. So, community of Mamalode, read up, get inspired and check out these wonder-folk.

Tell us a little bit about your business and how you started it.

Modern Nomad is a blog for adventurous mamas living with passion and purpose. It was born out my love of travel and adventure and wanting to create a “new normal” for my family after my son was born. I was a hard-core fashion PR-type before his arrival and when he came into my world nothing was ever the same. I suffered from postpartum depression and felt really isolated and desperate for change. Once I had a handle on my mindset (and mucho therapy!) I felt compelled to share my experience and connect with other likeminded mamas who parented progressively and wanted to nurture mindful kids, while expressing themselves creatively. It's been such a long-road to get the blog up and running but I had a ton of super supportive people behind me and now I can't imagine my life without it. Next up, I want to create retreats and other online resources to be able to connect and commune with more mamas around the globe.

What do your kids think about your job?

My 6-year-old son tells everyone about the blog and likes to set-up creative photo shoots for me, which I kind of love. He definitely gets annoyed  if he thinks my phone is getting more attention than he is but I have noticed a sense of pride when tells other people about it (mostly in Whole Foods line-ups!), which has been lovely.

Tell us about a total mom + biz fail?

We have moved a ton this year on our nomadic adventure from Canada to California and at one point my son lost the plot and just wanted to stay in the house we were in, which wasn't an option. We talked through it and he now loves where we've landed but it was like a horror movie knife-to-the-heart-moment while it was happening and it took time for us to process and move on. At the time, I felt like a failure but now I think it taught him a lot about being adaptable and flexible – two qualities that are amazing to have but can be challenging to learn.

Share with us a total win (brag away!)

I can't tell you how amazing it is to connect with other mamas through Modern Nomad who love the blog and share my desire to live their lives differently. It makes me feel so grateful to be of service and to hear their stories – it has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. I was so worried about being so vulnerable and not wanting to overshare but it has been a great lesson in community for me. That and our trip from Canada to California was surreal and wonderful as I had envisioned it for years so when it was happening it was like that wedding moment when you think, “Oh my God it's happening!” I am a big believer in visualize to materialize.

What's your relationship with Mamalode?

My brilliant little brother connected me to Elke and I am now a huge fan and so happy and honored to contribute in the Starter Sessions. I think the more we share as women and mothers and support one another the better. It really does take a village so Woot Woot Mamalode, Elke and team!


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