You Are Not Just A Mother

Katie Moore Stay at Home Parent

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I need a favor from you, queen bee. I need you to stop saying that you are “just” a mother. I need you to stop right now. I need you to stop saying it in your future. Your child is so much more than just. Your life is more than just. You are so far beyond just… just doesn't deserve you.

Here is what you are (just in case you need the reminder):

You are







a hope

a light

a vault

a believer

a dreamer

a warrior

the love

the glue

the glitter

the future.

And this is what you do (again and again and again):

you chauffeur

you work

you pay

you cook

you clean

you fold

you teach

you build

you create

you laugh

you play

you call

you answer

you listen

you speak

you inspire

you believe

you remember

you release

you forgive

you endure

you hold

you lift

you climb

you carry

you glow

you dream

you sacrifice

you cry

you bleed

you bandage

you spill open

you show up.

There is nothing slight about it. There is nothing just about it. You do not have time for the justs, the justifications and the judgements. You are doing the best that you can. And you are killing it.

Rock on momma.

You are extraordinary.

Thank you for showing up.

Cheers to us.

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About the Author

Katie Moore

Katie Yackley Moore is a freelance writer, yoga instructor and momma of four wild and beautiful warriors. Catch up with her between tea & wine breaks at .

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