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Elke Tweens & Teens

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Sometimes I am so strong. I run towards hard stuff. I bite of big chunks. I have gotten through things that seemed impossible.

But sometimes, oh man. I don't have it. I don't have the strength. I don't have the juice. I don't even have the desire to work on whatever it is that needs doing.

How do we strike the balance? Is balance a strength in and of itself? Finding the ability to charge forward and know when to pull back. When to fold 'em and when to hold 'em?

When it is really hard I try to chant “tough as nails, tough as nails” to stay with it, to distract myself, to inspire, to fake it til I make it. I need to be strong, that I know. Anyone attempting to raise a family of any sort requires a fortitude that provides both lighting and an lighting rod at the same time.

When I was in labor with my sons I felt both unbelievable strength and weakness. My body was a giant muscle that threatened to crush me. And yet I couldn't control this power. I was a rag doll and finally just gave into my own force.

Now my kids are tweens and I again need a perseverance that looks a lot like surrender. My hunch is that whatever ages my kids are at, I won't have the exact type of strength needed to handle it. And that just about when I get there,bam, they will be onto the next phase and I will scramble to catch up once more.

Am I strong enough? I hope so. Are you? I hope so too.

And maybe the fragileness of hoping is just the strength we need. 

*This month our partner is PINK GLOVES BOXING and their mission supports women physically, emotionally and socially. They are all about a special type of strength, one very akin to Mamalode – guts, heart and community.

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Elke Govertsen is a Montana entrepreneur and Founder of ?Mamalode. She has been featured in Real Simple, Where Women Create, 406 Woman, Ad Tech, and . She speaks on a variety of topics, from social media to overcoming poverty. She also leads the Learn As You Go lecture series for small businesses and is passionate about economic development in Montana. Her special skills include extreme bootstrapping, overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities. Of the many things she has learned by doing Mamalode? is her ability to work with absolute chaos/kids/mess just might be the best.

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