Does Modesty Really Make Men Behave Better?

Tim Akimoff daddy-o

After reading a recent blog post about a woman giving up wearing leggings because she doesn’t want to contribute to men thinking lustful thoughts about her body, I started thinking about the idea of what is really at fault in our society when it comes to nudity and sex.

To Be…Basically Just A Dad.

John McKee daddy-o

I realized that I was probably doing just fine, so long as I was doing my best to be what my kids needed in that moment.

The Day I Took Away YouTube

Daniel Rose daddy-o

It all came on so fast. One minute they’re content watching parent-picked shows like Thomas the Train and Dora the Explorer on an actual television set, and now they are self-selecting videos and hearing the ‘F’ word all day on their own personal screens.

Wild & Precious: Milk Snakes

Jesse Burke daddy-o

When my daughter, Clover, was born I felt that part of my new responsibility was to imbue in her a deep and personal connection to the natural world.

Along For The Ride

Daniel Rose daddy-o

I pluck the To Do list from the dashboard, ball it up in my fist, and jam it into my back pocket. There is still time. Time to see my daughter so young and alive.