Vulnerable Strenght

Elke Tweens & Teens

Sometimes I am so strong. I run towards hard stuff. I bite of big chunks. I have gotten through things that seemed impossible.

This Must Be The Place

Kate Fries Tweens & Teens

I can’t run his race with him. But I understand. For all of our differences, we do have this. This, we will always share.

Mirror, Mirror

Jen Holman Tweens & Teens

My pre-teen daughter has just begun to experiment with make-up. I watch with slight dismay.

Dear Preteen Ballerina

Elizabeth Small Tweens & Teens

I need you Preteen Ballerina, to keep dancing. I need you to show my daughters that a ballerina can be curvy, strong and imperfect. I need you to help me change things.

I Can Do Hard Things

Tammi Salas Tweens & Teens

And that’s when everything clicked for me up there on that snow-covered beast of a mountain and I realized – Hey, you know what? I can do hard things.

Away From Me

Maureen Stiles Tweens & Teens

The first day of his last year in high school. The first of many lasts is my immediate future. He jumped up ready to tackle it, even if I wasn’t.

The Art of Parental Embarrassment

Joy Riggs Tweens & Teens

Someone let out a giggle, and that started it—we all began to laugh. All of us except Steve, who was still searching the wall in vain for this mysterious “other painting.”