Chasing Our Children & Our Dreams

Stacy Katz Working Parent

Motherhood is about becoming ready without being ready; it’s a state of constant adjustment. Some earth mothers might call this flow – for me it feels more like fits and starts.


Lili Panarella Working Parent

While other eager new associates were hustling to impress the partners, I was trying to figure out how to tell them I was pregnant with my second child and that after my maternity leave I wanted to work part-time.

Reach For The Moon

Anonymous Mama Working Parent

Beyond the stress and difficulty of answering the question, “Who will take care of my baby when I go back to work?”, the real question for me was, “Why can’t I care for my baby?”

Share Your Mess

Laura Harris Working Parent

When another mom lets her guard down around me; when she lets me see her messy house, it is one of the sincerest forms of flattery.

Suburban Relay

Holly Howley Working Parent

You busy? I’m busy! We’re all SO busy. We, the relay team, save our real conversations for friends and family.