Mamalode at a Glance

Founded: 2009

Mission Statement: Creating meaningful and authentic connections for moms

Goals: Our readers feel like the role of mom is elevated because of Mamalode. They feel connected. They aren't alone. They see themselves. They learn about the universality and diversity in motherhood. Barriers come down, community builds up.

Reader testimonial:

“I thought I was a Mamalode fan, but after spending the weekend reading Mamalode it’s more than a “fan.”Mamalode makes me want to write more, create more, hug my children more, embrace more opportunities. Makes me feel connected and understood. Makes me feel compassion… Mamalode is art. Mamalode is inspiration. I am more than a fan. Mamalode, I think I love you.”

          -Angela Smith Youngblood Rochester, NY


Advertising Table of Commandments

We are determined to have a business that is as meaningful as our product and understand our true value is that our readers TRUST us. Mamalode stands for purpose, passion and parenting. We look to be a force to make the world a better place, every way that we can.  We expect the same from our advertising partners. Together, we believe that we can support and connect mothers in a way that builds real relationship.


Website (since launching, 1.8 MILLION users have found their way to Mamalode, completely organically)


1000+ published writers

Online submission platform with 3000+ writers

Theme sponsors– new editorial theme/branding each month. See themes

Categories for people to find "their" corner of mamalode (see drop down on our site)

Testing: Chinese Content under 妈妈乐 which means "Mama Happy"

FOOD: Start of a food sister site called

Column: Millennial moms


Social numbers (as of 9/10/16) all of our numbers are organically grown. No gimmicks. No bought audience. All word of mouth.

Facebook 12,345 

Facebook Group: Team Mamalode (Ambassadors) 141

Facebook Group: Mother's Day Eve (party throwers) 158

Facebook Group: Mamalode Writers 466

Twitter 5264

Instagram 4343

Pinterest 3084 

We also use Youtube, LinkedIn and are starting SnapChat and Wechat (China messaging app)


Weekly Email: 

4375 subscribers, 19.5% open rate



We have been testing the Mamalode Podcast as another way of working with our library and quiver of storytellers 



25 print editions (theme based)

some examples of themes:

  • Identity
  • Village
  • Work
  • Letting Go
  • Home
  • Connection
  • Adventure
  • Enough
  • Flow


We have controlled print circulation regionally (ad supported, in Montana) and a print on demand, ad-free version of some of our recent issues. Digital is also available.

Newspaper content syndication– “Mamalode This Week”



Mamalode LIVE: We are planning a 6-10 city, sponsored, live tour for 2016/17– details forthcoming

Mother’s Day Eve ®– this has been licensed and celebrated in over 100 communities in N. America (everything from a national media company, to public events, to private gatherings)

First day of school: Mamalode Em' Up

Burning (mini) Van (™) — Burn your guilt gathering in a full sized wooden minivan — part party, part catharsis, all Mamalode


Custom Content Creation/Curation

This is a program we co-create with select advertisers to focus on a specific target audience need. Elements include:




Social media takeover

“Mamalode shows what 21st century publishing can be."
—Barbara Kuhr, Founding Designer WIRED magazine