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I am seeing the slow shift in word choice with parents, especially moms. The shift in how moms discuss their feelings about their children getting older. Granted, I have only been a mom for 11 plus months, but as a writer I notice words. Since the moment my son was born, it has felt like everyone has made some type of remark about the passing of time. I hear phrases like “babies don’t keep” and “they are only little once” on the regular.

When I was pregnant I wanted nothing more than for time to move at a rapid pace, mainly because it was a tough pregnancy, but also because I desperately wanted to meet our first child.  But as a new mom, I want to savor his infancy.

I want time to stand still. I want to appreciate the simple moments of my son’s childhood.

But I am finding it challenging to do so. Because daily,  I hear that it is going by too fast or that I need to appreciate the age he is right now, because when he is older I won’t be able to snuggle with him, dress him the way I want, hold his hand, feel needed….fill in the blank. I am the first to admit I am guilty of using these phrases regularly.

This is where I have had to work to shift my mindset. Because at first I was overwhelmed with trying to stay present and avoiding thinking about him growing up. I was so concerned I wouldn't like the next phase as much as the current one.

As a first time mom, I began to dread my son growing up.

But with a shift in mindset and a little more parenting experience, I am now realizing I will love each and every phase. Ok, maybe not love every single phase (I am not looking forward to potty training), but at the very least I hope to appreciate and learn from each phase.  Because my son will be the star of that phase. And I have no doubt that I love him fiercely. I want to continue to embrace him growing up.

I want to dive into the present and future with my son, not shy away from it because I am worried these are my glory days with him as a young mom.

Technically, with each passing second my son is growing older. So as I think about the years and phases to come, I can trust in the fact that since he was born he has been getting older by the second. And every second with him the last 11 months has been heavenly. Of course there have been plenty of exhausting, frustrating and even agonizing moments. But none that I would change. And none that I haven’t appreciated. Some moments were just appreciated after the fact.

There is a reason “the best is yet to come” is a well known and favorite quote. I believe it is because it rings true for many of us. I also believe it is because we want and need to believe in hope. We hope that each day will be better and better. I hope that every day will be my glory day with my son.

I know I will have a longing here or there for the smell of a newborn or the snuggles of a toddler. But I also trust that as he grows into the person he is supposed to be, I will continue to wake up thankful that I am his momma. I will continue to trust that each phase is just as sweet and wonderful as the last, in its own unique way. I believe we were designed this way for a reason. And as time continues to admittedly feel like it is flying by, I look forward to the journey. Because every day with my baby boy truly is my glory day.


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Meagan Saia

Meagan is an elementary school gifted teacher turned SAHM. She happily admits that she is obsessed with her son Owen. Life became sweeter when he was born. Meagan writes because she finds it soothes her soul. You can find her writing over at .

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