Daddy’s to Daughters

Alishia Osborn because i said so

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It's no secret around here that my husband can be categorized as a man's man.
You know the type.
Sports Fanatic.
Drinks Beer.
An endless soiree of man grunts, scratching, and dirt.
Oh, and Nerd.
….wait a minute…
So he fits most of the criteria.

So when these types of men have daughters….just daughters. 
Three to be exact.
One may wonder, how is this going to work?
He may also wonder in sheer panic,
'How is this going to work?!'

So I'm here to tell you.

These men will now play Barbies.
They will paint nails like a boss.
They will learn to brush long hair and even put in clips.
They will teach their daughters how real men treat a lady.
They will listen to elementary gossip like it's their job.
They will teach them how to shoot a bow and defend themselves.
They will watch Frozen.
They will sing songs from Frozen.
They will tuck their daughters in at night in pink rooms, with pink blankets.
They will teach them how to bugle in elk like a pro.
They will learn to navigate the pink toy isle at Target and know just want their girls would like.
They will learn to embrace princesses, Dora, and baby dolls.
They will learn to dry tears, mend broken hearts and be the rock every little girl needs.

They will do a lot of things they never imagined, and they will love it.

And when the time comes, they may threaten, injure, or maim any other manly men who come around their girls.

That's how it works.


About the Author

Alishia Osborn

A self-taught photography and Photoshop enthusiast who enjoys photographing my three girls and documenting our everyday lives via the lens. about all our shennigans.

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