YOU are the Perfect Mom

Stacey Rodriguez because i said so

So on those tough days where big sis is tired and moody after a long day at school, and the baby cries for hours because her new teeth hurt, and the house is a mess, and you feel like you just barely made it until bedtime without locking yourself in the bedroom and hiding – just remember – YOU are the PERFECT mom, and that is the best compliment you can ever receive.

The Familiar Evening Routine

Maria Morgan because i said so

I tense up, defensively, as I do each time, ready to thwart the attack of the five-year-old boy, desperate to break in and smother his brother with kisses.

My Resume After Parenthood

Morgan Starr because i said so

Since becoming a parent, there are quite a few new experiences I’ve encountered and new skills I’ve mastered. If I ever decide I need to look for a new job, there are some items I’ll have to add to my resume. This is definitely going to make me more marketable.

The Answer is (Still) No

Judy Honigfort because i said so

The answer is still no. Go ahead. Scream. Cry. Slam your bedroom door. You will get through this. The pain you're now feeing is shaping you, teaching you, strengthening you. You'll be a better person.

Ask Her More

Anne Flavin because i said so

I know how it is when you see her there with her big doe eyes and her shiny blonde hair. How do you not say, “Well, what is that you’re …