An Unexpected Path: Moving towards a better home

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When my parents decided to build our family home, they wanted to provide a better life for us. Moving out of Philadelphia to a better school district was their number one priority; accessibility wasn’t even on the radar. After all, why should it have been? They were in their late 30s, both healthy individuals with a young active family. How would they have known that six years after moving my mom would break her leg? Who would’ve guessed that fall, and the many subsequent ones that followed, would eventually lead to diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis?

This Is Everything

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I’m exhausted. But I am lucky that I am awoken each morning by the cries of my healthy, happy baby and not the sound of bombs or gunfire.


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I know that in the days and weeks leading up to the inauguration, lots of us are disheartened, but here is my plea to you—let's not use this occasion to divide ourselves further.