The Power of One

Trudy Ludwig essays

All it takes is just one person to reach out in kind ways to make a positive difference in the lives of those we touch.

The All-Night Nurser

Elisabeth Becker Topkara essays

he truth is that I knew, as his mother, what he needed. I knew it in my bones, in my soul. 

The Child Left Behind

Allyson Brown essays

But the story I want to share isn’t about Hannah dying. This story is about the child she left behind.


Christopher Woods essays

Somehow, and call it an innate sense if you will, I felt this was a private moment. Of inspection for them, of observation for me. There are so many of these private moments, don’t you think?

What I Missed Most During Pregnancy

Chantilly essays

It was surprisingly easy to give up most of my vices during pregnancy. I only occasionally missed that glass or two (okay, bottle) of a favorite pinot. 

Words Moms Don’t Want to Hear

Trudy Ludwig essays

Kindness, sincerely expressed by what we say and/or do, has the power to buoy our spirits and allow us, in turn, to rise up, reach out, and connect with others in caring, supportive, and collaborative ways.

Letter to the Unborn

Danielle Lattuga essays

When we first began trying to conceive you, I focused on remembering each detail of each day. I thought that someday you would want to know the flavor of the sky when you were made and who your parents were then

Out of the Picture

Shannon Drury essays

Adults can usually be relied upon to photograph one another on birthdays and major holidays, especially when a member of the family is euphemistically referred to as “getting up there.” We too easily forget the people who fill in the days in between, the friends and neighbors, those who are woven so tightly into the fabric of our everyday lives that it takes a deep, irreparable tear for us to realize how bound together we really are.

To My Daughter’s Teacher: The Impact of Kindness

Tracy Jensen essays

I have been in your classroom and watched 24 faces brighten in your presence. Each child feels safe and loved in your room. You value their words and demonstrate to each of them that they are important. Abby needed that, as do so many of your students.