It’s Time to Dress Like a Woman

Jackie Semmens Girls

I say, yes. Let’s dress like women from here on out. Let us clothe ourselves in dignity, in freedom from fear, and love. Let us pick up our shields of acceptance and compassion. Let us don cloaks of never ending determination.

In The Hands Of Children

Kay Bolden Girls

When she took the stage at the Women’s March, McBath reminded all mothers everywhere of what we have to lose—our children.

My Daughter Is A Little Pistol, And I Love It

Jacqueline Royael Girls

Raising a daughter, I grapple with fostering the independence that shines so bright in her eyes with making sure others around her always know the kindness in her heart.

A Post-Election Gift

Laura Johnson Dahlke Girls

“That this [2016 election outcome] is a vote against the future, and the future is going to happen anyway.” Social justice, equality, and human evolution will be the future, regardless of the next few years.

Dear Daughters: Keep Being Awesome

Gina Rich Girls

As close as Hillary came to winning the presidency, her campaign also highlighted the fact that society still views tenacious, tough women in a negative light.

Raising the Beautiful Revolution

Liz Petrone Girls

Recent events have me thinking about these two ladies a lot, wondering about all those proclamations I've made over these past ten years that I have been raising girls.