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Playlist: Mama Needs a Dance Break!

Playlist: Mama Needs a Dance Break!

I drove home from a hard day at work, ignoring the child whining up a storm in her carseat. Daddy was out of town, meaning I was in charge of entertainment for the WHOLE evening.

Mid-winter clouds and a brisk wind were enough of a combination to talk me out of the daily self-prescribed walk to fend off potential snippiness. I could feel myself winding up as we took off our coats, and little girl asked for her crayons. Ray Charles Anthology caught my eye, and we both smiled as the blues hit the road.

It felt so good to move my body, all of it, around our living room. I was reminded I need those breaks to just let it out! Here’s a mix for all of us who need a break. Turn it up, despite the eye-rolling, the whining, the troubles of the day, and groove it out, girl! Get back on the bright side of the road.

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Emily Hackethorn

Emily is a mountain mama & choir teacher, spending summers in Glacier National Park with Mr. Wonderful & baby Josephine, with one on the way! She loves to sing, play, collaborate, and write. You can find her blogging regularly at Peace Love Music Grows.
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