A Promise

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As long as we can be alone in our crisp white sheets, I will live this life with you. I’ll raise our children and perform household tasks that occupy too much time and too little brain power. I’ll cook all the meals, do all the cleanup. I’ll ensure violins are practiced and bottoms are cleaned and nails are cut.

I’ll wipe tears and comfort our little one in the face of injustice. I’ll read story books until I can no longer see. I’ll clean glitter-glue off the dog, drive the kids to gymnastics and watch our budget. 

In repayment all I’ll need is a ravishing connection to you. I’ll need someone to look at the banal acts of my life and laugh. Laugh at how far we’ve come over these last 15 years and how the time can disappear when folding laundry with a 3-year old. I’ll need us to come together at the end of the night, man and woman and reflect on the life we’ve created. We both see the impermanence in the wave we’re riding, so I want us to hold on together as we move with it down the long story of our life.  

We’ll find moments to dance, kiss in the kitchen, laugh and smile at our goofy offspring. I’ll still need more. I’ll need to feel like a beautiful and soft woman, naked and luscious. At night I’ll need to let go of restraint and inhibition because those two words describe my days. My life is not my own so I’ll need to have a room, some 30 square feet of bed where we can unleash together. 

I’ll need to feel your breath on me long after you’re gone, have your scent on me linger on my neck. I’ll need your touch to remind me of restraint when the kids create art on our newly painted walls. Soon enough we’ll be alone together and all the rest will slide away into our memories.

If we can close the door at night and keep the demons and disagreements in the attic, leave the dog downstairs and keep the kids in their beds, I’ll walk this crazy life with your lips on my skin and my heart in your hand. 


About the Author

Gena Mavuli

Gena is a writer, mother and whole host of other adjectives. She loves to get out into nature to breath fresh air and exhale.

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February 2015 – XO
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