I Promise to Let You Play

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I watched you out there on the court pouring your heart into the game, leaving all you’ve got in a puddle of sweat on the floor. I’m so proud of your effort, and I hope you are proud of yourself. 

I know you didn’t make any shots this time, but there is always the next game. I also know you are upset because you didn’t win, but that’s okay. Sure winning is fun, but it sure doesn't make you who you are. You learn from this one and change it for the next.

I know you get frustrated and I’ve seen the tears and embarrassment in your eyes when something doesn’t go your way. Don’t sweat it. You have so much time to work on your game. So much growing that still needs to be done both physically and mentally. It will come, and I will be here with you. To help you. To guide you. To support you.

I want you to know that I have made a few promises to you, and to myself. Ones that I am confident that I can keep. Promises that I hope you remind me that I have made when I slip. 

I promise to support you when you are playing amazingly well, and offer you extra when you are not.

I promise to not pressure you to play on a team because it is what I want you to do.

I promise to remember that you are not me. That you are your own person with your own likes and dislikes.

I promise to only offer encouraging words, not words of discouragement.

I promise to let your coaches coach. 

If I am that coach, I promise to use methods that will only make you better, not break you down.

I promise to remember that the umpires and referees are people just like you and I. People that make mistakes. People that don’t need me calling them out from the sidelines. I leave that to the coaches.

I promise to let you cry it out if you need to. Because we all need a good cry from time to time.

I promise to celebrate your victories with you.

I promise to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

I promise that I will always go to bat for you, just say the word.

I promise to not pressure you into being someone that you aren’t. 

I promise to let you play. Just play.

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