Tug Of War

Kristy Hartz Poetry

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If only there was an A, B or C option

Some sort of multiple choice

Then perhaps the child might have a chance

Some sort of voice to say

Hey, this isn’t right

Why do you guys always fight

Argue about absolutely nothing

Is it getting you anywhere

I am yours, yes, both of yours

You are old enough

You both should have learned long ago

How to share

Even I understand how to play fair

And I am not even grown

So please stop, just stop

Putting me in the middle

Of this battle, your stupid game of tug of war


About the Author

Kristy Hartz

I am a mother of four amazing but rambunctious children who lives outside the little town of Winfield in Iowa. I am currently a stay at home mom who is getting back into my childhood passion of writing.

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