A Letter To My Christian Friends About No Ban No Wall

Kelly Bandas family

If we are Pro-Life, we are Pro-All Life. And so we, as a group, need to use the same firepower that is used to defend an unborn baby to defend the lives of refugee men, women and children and any person who calls America “home.”


Kelly Bandas family

I know that in the days and weeks leading up to the inauguration, lots of us are disheartened, but here is my plea to you—let's not use this occasion to divide ourselves further.

Elle Woods’ America

Kelly Bandas Adoption

But if this election has taught me anything, it's that we need to lean on each other—now more than ever.

Green Linoleum is Food for the Soul

Kelly Bandas Relationships

In a few short months we went from living in a cute, three-bedroom cottage, in a super trendy, walkable, hip, make-your-friends-jealous kind of neighborhood to a 1970’s themed two-bedroom, with green linoleum and one bathroom.