3:30 A.M.

Kimberly Zapata Postpartum

I thought the guilt and confusion was normal. I thought the tears were normal. I thought I was just adjusting my new mommy role.

Not Just Another Free Turkey

Kimberly Zapata Relationships

Thanksgiving isn’t about a meal. It isn’t about where you eat or even what you do. It is about expressing gratitude, and giving thanks.

I Watched The World Burn From Exit 12

Kimberly Zapata Loss

It was not until I saw the World Trade Centers burn, not until we saw the skyline — our skyline —swallowed by fire and smoke and soot, I grasped the gravity of what was happening.

Bearing It All

Kimberly Zapata Postpartum

While the breast may in some ways “be best,” it certainly isn’t “the tits.”